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The D/T grid is also known as the 'Fizzy grid'[1] and it is a matrix with all the 81 possible D/T-combinations a geocache can have. Similar to the 366 grid the color of the cell of each grid changes as the number of the cell increases. At Project-GC the "final color" is red[2] and this will be the color of the highest number on the grid, the other cells of the grid change with every found on the grid and are relative to the scale between green[3] and red.

Related statistics

Top unique DT combinations in one day is a top list for unique DT combinations in one day.

Top Number of Loops of the DT Chart is a top list for number of loops of the D/T grid.

The Profile Stats contains multiple D/T-related statistics like the Difficutly / Terrain chart and Way to 81 in the Finds tab and the D/T grids in the FTF tab, Hides tab and Challenges tab.

Related tools

The D/T Matrix Tool‏‎ helps you plot a map of all geocaches that will fill an empty slot in you D/T grid.

The D/T History tool can help users with a paid membership find some caches that have had their D/T-rating changed. This is helpful if a user finds that they have "lost" a loop of the D/T chart.


  1. Due to the original Fizzy challenge, a challenge to fill your D/T grid in honor of the user FizzyMagic.
  2. More exactly Hex: #c83200.
  3. More exactly Hex: #14c800.