The Lab Cacher

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The Lab Cacher
General data
Name The Lab Cacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 10
Silver 25
Gold 50
Platinum 100
Ruby 200
Sapphire 400
Emerald 600
Diamond 800
Addons available
366, Leapday

The Lab Cacher

badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheLabCacher&quality=D&addons=&loop=&.png Log Lab caches to receive these badges. Lab caches are currently only available in Profile Stats and BadgeGen to users with a paid membership. In order to have the badge show up, Lab caches have to be included in the statistics by checking the "Include lab cache finds where applicable" checkbox in the Profile Stats settings.


badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheLabCacher&quality=D&addons=&loop=99&.png By doubling the amount required for Diamond the user starts looping this badge.



  • 366 - Log a Lab cache on every calendar day, including leap day, to enable this addon.
  • Leapday - Log a Lab cache on Leap day to enable this addon.


This badge is new in BadgeGen v4.