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Statbar is a small sample of the user's statistics that can be used in forums or on other web pages. Project-GC provides two different kinds of statbars, one with the basic numbers and one based on the BadgeGen.

Basic statbar

The basic statbar includes the numbers listed below, a custom quote can be added to the statbar. Users with a paid membership can choose to include lab caches in their statbar.

  • Found - How many caches this cacher has found
  • Hidden - How many caches this cacher has hidden
  • FTF - How many caches this cacher has logged FTF
  • Logs - This refers to the number of logs on the user's hidden caches.
  • Karma - This is the caching karma = #finds on own hides/#finds by this cacher
  • Favorite points - How many favourite points on cachers own hides


The "BadgeBar" is based on BadgeGen, it shows all badges the user have earned and their belt. Country badges are not shown.